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This letter is to compliment you and your team on the excellent and thorough job you have done on your treatments to prevent pests and insects from entering our home. Your team members remove bugs and cobwebs from the house before spraying which was never done by the pest control company we had at our previous home. You have prevented pests from entering our newly built home which was not the case with the previous pest control company at the previous house we built.

Dick & Nancy
Dunnellon, Florida

Critter Quitter

  • Protects Vents from Squirrel Damage
  • Stops Damaged Vents from Leaking
  • Stops Frogs and Rats from Entering Toilets
  • Easily Installed
  • Stops Roof Streaking from Lead Oxidation
  • Beautifies the Roof
  • Can be Installed on Damaged and Undamaged Vents

Critter Quitter® were developed to protect lead flashing from squirrel attack by covering your vent with an attractive shield that stops damaged vents from leaking. Our patent pending design directs rain water directly into the vent, thus keeping the damaged part of the vent dry and stopping the leak – all this while still providing an attractive cover.

Critter Quitter® also has a screen that keeps frogs and rats from entering the vent and falling into the trap behind the toilet where they often enter the home. Leaves and straw also are prevented from entering the vent, thus eliminating vent plugging, which often results in slow or non-functioning toilets and drains. A final benefit is that the Critter Quitter® keeps the lead casing from being exposed to the elements, thus eliminating ugly streaking on your roof.

Critter Quitter® install easily over the existing flashing and are held in place by four stainless steel screws. The standard pitch unit fits most roofs, however custom cuts are available. Remember, Critter Quitter® serves not only as a shield but also a vent repair.

Below (left) is an actual, squirrel-damaged vent and (right) a Critter Quitter® covered vent

Squirrel Damaged Vent
Vent Protected by Critter Quitter®