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This letter is to compliment you and your team on the excellent and thorough job you have done on your treatments to prevent pests and insects from entering our home. Your team members remove bugs and cobwebs from the house before spraying which was never done by the pest control company we had at our previous home. You have prevented pests from entering our newly built home which was not the case with the previous pest control company at the previous house we built.

Dick & Nancy
Dunnellon, Florida

Rodent Control

Rodent Control Solution

Rodents can reproduce rapidly, so don’t wait to call Citrus Pest Management. It is always better to deal with rodents while their numbers are small before it turns into an infestation. Successful rodent control typically involves sanitation measures, rodent proofing, and trapping.


Citrus Pest Management realizes that each home is different, so our trained technicians will conduct a professional inspection of your home, looking for any indications of rodent activity and possible entry points, taking into consideration your individual needs. The end result will be a customized plan to combat your individual rodent problems.

Rodent Proofing Your Home

Rodents can access your home through very small holes, smaller than you would think possible. The most successful form of rodent control is to not let them enter your home in the first place. Our technicians will help to identify entry points and come up with plans to stop rodents entering.

By removing access to the places where rodents take shelter or build nests and reproduce, they cannot reproduce into large numbers. Wood piles and other rodent shelters such as high grass or weeds should also be eliminated.


If a rodent infestation already exists, some form of trapping may be necessary. The proper placement of these traps by our trained professionals, will greatly affect the success of the traps. Many rats will avoid a newly placed trap in their environment, so the trapping process could take a few days or weeks. Our technicians will routinely check and quickly remove any rodents that are trapped. Trapping also avoids the use of any hazardous poisons around your home.


Rodent control begins with good sanitation. Trash should be removed properly, and sanitary conditions should be maintained always. No matter how clean, all areas where food is kept should be made rodent-proof. Keep food tightly sealed in metal or glass containers, both human and pet food are attractive to rodents. Rats will often chew up cardboard boxes and use the material for their nests. Citrus Pest Management will provide you with information about what materials should be removed, so not to attract rodents.

Pest Control

It may be necessary to also treat your home for pests that are associated with the presence of rodents. Fleas, mites, roaches, and other insects often accompany the rodents and will need to be treated.


Ongoing monitoring of the rodent situation will ensure that the measures we take remain intact and effective for a long time. The Citrus Pest Management professional technicians will regularly monitor your home to ensure the rodent prevention plan is still working. If adjustments need to be made, we will discuss them with you. Our goal is to deliver 100% customer satisfaction.


After the rodents and accompanying insects have been eliminated, it may be necessary to sanitize your home to remove any contamination left by rodent feces and urine. This will help to eliminate any diseases associated with the rodent's waste.

The removing of rodent droppings and any contaminated insulation can be hazardous and should be done by a professional. We will discuss this disinfectant plan with you to address your specific needs.