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This letter is to compliment you and your team on the excellent and thorough job you have done on your treatments to prevent pests and insects from entering our home. Your team members remove bugs and cobwebs from the house before spraying which was never done by the pest control company we had at our previous home. You have prevented pests from entering our newly built home which was not the case with the previous pest control company at the previous house we built.

Dick & Nancy
Dunnellon, Florida

Termite Questions

What can termites do to my home?
Termites eat wood. In their natural state, they can eat fallen logs and stumps off the forest floor. But on your property, they can eat away the equity you have built up in your home and property. Termites infest millions of homes nationwide, causing over 1.5 billion in damage annually, according to the United States Department of Agriculture.

How can a professional pest control firm help?
Only a trained professional understands the intricacies of how a termite colony behaves. Using advanced materials, a skilled, professional technician can effectively protect your housing investment.

How do termites get in?
Because termites need moisture and have a low tolerance to air, and light they live underground, attacking a home from below. A loose mortar joint, a minute space around a drain pipe, or a settlement crack in the basement is all they need to gain entry.

Aren't new homes and houses with concrete slabs virtually termite-proof?
The experience of homeowners nationwide shows that no home, new or old is safe from termites. By building mud tubes, termites can cross concrete, brick, cinder block, metal termite shields, per-treated wood, or any barrier other than a professionally applied termite treatment.

If I haven't seen swarming termites, or traces of damage, can my home still be in danger?
Unfortunately, yes. When a colony swarms, the winged termites may be in the air for just a few minutes and you may not see them. Termites also eat wood from the inside out, making their activity detectable only by a professional termite inspection.

When is the right time to call in a termite professional?
Termite treatment is a fixed cost. But the longer you delay treatment, the more damage termites will do. Repairs will become more extensive, and expensive. The sooner you approve treatment, the better!

How does a professional inspection uncover termite activity that's invisible to me?
While much termite damage is hidden, termites have few secrets in the eyes of a professional. We know the conditions termites favor and how to uncover termite activity, which the untrained eye might pass over, with damaging results.

What will you do to get rid of the termites?
Call us at 352-527-7100 to explain the Termidor eliminator system to deplete the termite population around your home.

How will we achieve colony depletion?
Methods vary with each house, depending on the type of foundation or basement, construction materials, number and type of porches, patios, chimneys, etc. By digging narrow trenches along walls and drilling through horizontal surfaces and into voids, materials can be applied where they will kill termites within your home and at the same time eliminate the colonies population, and prevent the colony's re-entry.

Won't this kind of treatment be a lot of trouble.?
No. Our modern termite control treatment will usually take a single day, or less, with very little upset to your daily routine. And considering the fact that a home is the largest single investment most American families will ever make, protecting it's value is not much trouble at all.